Have you ever seen such people who look so smart and stylish but once you communicate it seems that they are quite opposite of what they are actually appear to be?

     On the other hand, you might have noticed that there is also this kind of person who neither pretty nor good looking but still they are very popular, have a good fame in the society and are very close to the people. Yes, you might have seen this kind of people. 

    Lets get into the depth of why one is so popular even not having glamorous outer look and another is not so.

"Communication" -  it is as important thing for us as a sword for a king. Only by a good communication we can sell any thing, make any relation strong and so on..... 

There are some tips below to master that communication skill - 

1.  Power of listening :

    We often give our opinion not listening to others properly. It is the sign of not having an effective communication skill. One, who is very good at communication, has developed into himself the power of listening. People are always in search for a person who will always listen them carefully and then will give the suggestion. 

        If we do not listen them properly how can we be able to suggest what they actually want. So that’s why in order to be a good speaker we need to be a good listener.

        While listening we need to pay our full attention without interrupting. If you interrupt them while they speak, they might feel valueless. 

2.  Non-verbal communication : 

In non-verbal communication there includes lots of things such as eye contact, body language, voice modulation, facial expression etc. 

  • The very first thing which is to be made in every conversation is the eye contact. Because it makes other person feel valuable. 
  • When you are trying to give some presentation or speak in front of anybody that time your body language plays a vital role. By the language of your body(body posture, hand movement etc.) one can easily understand whether you are interested in that conversation or not. 
  • Often we need to speak into the audience or into a huge number of  people, when it is a time to grab attention of audience that time voice modulation has immense importance. 

3.  It matters whom you are talking with :

    To be a great speaker, you need to identify whom you are talking with. When you are in your friend circle you don't need to use bombastic words or modulate your voice. But even if you are in your friend circle that time you need to use your listening skill. 

      On the other hand when you are into the professionals or somebody else that time you need to use these tips.  

4.  Learn to give compliments :

     As a human being everybody wants to get compliment from others. If  you can develop in yourself the skill of complimenting others then everybody will start loving you and it can be the game changing point.

What ever that is there in this post, should be implemented practically. 

Once Herbert Spencer said -  

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action"    

 Practicing these tips practically will boost yourself to communicate effectively with anybody. 

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