As a learner of the English language, everybody wants to improve their pronunciation skills. But the main problem is due to not having enough guidance people use to make wrong pronunciation that's why they must improve their pronunciation skills.

What is pronunciation skill?

   Pronunciation skill refers to the ability to produce and articulate sounds, words, and sentences in a language accurately and effectively. It involves understanding and using the correct sounds, stress patterns, intonation, and rhythm of a particular language. Good pronunciation allows a speaker to be easily understood and helps facilitate effective communication. 

Why can't I pronounce words clearly?

Practice :  

    Like any other skill, pronunciation skill also requires dedication and proper action. One can be the master of pronunciation skills but for that, one needs to be exposed to the language and do continuous practice. In your case, there might have a lack of practice, and not only practice but also perfect practice should be done properly.

Mispronouncing the sounds : 

    Sometimes people are not aware of the sound they pronounce. They develop into themselves a habit of mispronouncing certain sounds or using incorrect stress patterns. This habit of mispronouncing sounds might have difficult to break but as said earlier through dedication and proper action one can break this habit of mispronouncing sounds.

Variations in the set of sounds :

    Each language has its own set of sounds and those sounds may not be there in your native language. That's why sometimes when you try to pronounce words that you are not familiar with, that time it sounds unnatural.  

What are the four elements of pronunciation?

In order to be a master of pronunciation skills, you need to know certain elements of it - 

1.    Sounds or Phonemes:   Pronunciation involves producing the individual sounds or phonemes of a language accurately. Every language has its own set of distinct sounds, and mastering them is crucial for clear communication.

2.    Intonation:    For every language intonation plays a vital role. It refers to the ups and downs of the pitch. Depending upon the message you want to convey to the listener, you need to use the intonation properly. Mastering intonation helps convey the intended message and express emotions effectively.

3.    Stress:    Stress refers to emphasizing certain syllables or words within a sentence. Using the correct stress pattern can significantly impact the meaning. To pronounce the words properly, you need to have that much clarity about where to emphasize. 

4.    Rhythm: Rhythm refers to the timing and flow of speech. It involves understanding the appropriate duration and grouping of sounds, words, and phrases in a language. Developing a natural and consistent rhythm contributes to smooth and fluent speech.

Exercises to improve pronunciation : 

There is a technique called exercises to improve pronunciation "LSR" that means - 
  • L - Listen.
  • S - Speak.
  • R - Repeat. 
1.  Listen:   In order to be a good speaker you need to be a good listener. Listen to the native speakers and try to observe how they are pronouncing the words. 

2.  Speak:   After observing properly their speech, you need to imitate them. Pronunciation is all about the imitation of an action.

3. Repeat:   Success comes after doing the same things again and again. After speaking you need to repeat them numerous times, then and then success will come. 

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