Once Barack Obama said –  

"Reading is important. If you know how to read, then the whole world opens up to you." 

Did you ever ask yourself -

  • Why world's most richest persons use to read regularly? 
  • Do you have any idea about how many pages they read?

It might happen to you when you pickup a book and after reading some pages you feel boar and decide to quit. Why does it happen?

Reading a book effectively means nothing but knowing things and implementing them in practical life. But why most of the people cannot be able to do that simple thing?

    Below each and every question has been answered, and solutions has also been given – 


Why world's most richest persons use to read regularly?

1.  Knowledge and Information :  

  •  One should agree that, one of the great asset of human being is knowledge. Without knowledge nobody can achieve of what they want to have.
  •  By reading they get much information and knowledge  not only about their field but also what is going on in daily basis. It also allows them to stay updated.

2.  Creative Thinking :  

  • Reading book, literature, fiction or any kind of creative work helps them to develop the power of  creative thinking  and this leads them to be great. 
  • Surrounding themselves with creative environment effect directly to their sub-conscious mind, and when the time is to show the creativity that time the sub-conscious mind plays a vital role.

3.  Strategy Making Ability

  • Reading helps them to know about different points of view or ideology or ways of thinking that helps them to make terrific strategy.   

4.  Encouragement And Motivation :  

  • Reading is an excellent way to encourage themselves. In order to be motivated they need to have a medium hence book is the best option. 
  • By reading autobiographies, success stories etc. they can be motivated and inspired.

Do you have any idea about how many pages they read?

    Some great entrepreneurs as well as readers like Warren Buffett, Bill gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg etc. use to spend almost half of their day behind reading books. By the statement you can easily understand how many pages they read. They developed into themselves a kind of attachment with books. 

How ever in below there is some tips for you that how you can also be able to read like them - 

In order to read anything effectively you need to keep in mind some things - 

  • Reading environment :  

 Just assume that you are in a pool and your body is not surrounded by water how can you be able to swim? Similarly, in order to read effectively, reading environment is crucial thing. So create a favorable environment for reading.

  • Active reading :  

 While reading take a pencil and a highlighter whenever you are getting any useful and informative sentence or paragraph highlight them and explain it to yourself. It is a most significant way to read any book effectively.

  •  Increase reading speed : 

There is a term called "subvocalization". That means to read something silently in mind. Deduct that subvocalization by continuously focusing on reading without mouthing.


There is a wonderful quote - 

What you want to be, it has already been written.

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